Kathaleena THiRTLE

I have no greater purpose than to love and create. Within that purpose, my hands are always busy with something, and my mind is always running to the next horizon. It should go without saying that I am in a mad love affair with my art. I have never known a greater sense of adventure, spirit, intrigue, illumination, solace, and fortitude.


      With that being said I am fortunate to have many things that have my head bowed in gratitude. I am a graduate of UC Riverside, where I was fortunate enough to earn two degrees: Fine Art BA and Philosophy BA. I am now a graduate student at Loyola Marymount University studying for my MA in Marital and Family Therapy with Clinical Art Therapy Emphasis. Over the course of my studies, and as my artistic career progresses I have learned it takes and entire village to get me to where I need to go. The inhabitants of such a place include my ever-supportive sister who taught me everything I know, my close friends who constantly show me my own worth, my husband who gives my art a purpose, and the local community who seems to always have work for me. I am utterly astounded, awestruck, and grateful for both my gift and the people that believe in it. 


      It is not only my duty, but sincerely privilege to try and capture this grand tapestry of life between the folds of paint. As it says, if nothing else believe in art. It is my intention, and my overall hope that my work can bring solace, hope, and a foundation for all like me who wander.


Thank you, truly, for your continued support in allowing me to do what I love most.